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Ken SoszkaMy name is Ken Soszka, I live on the Gulf Coast of Florida in the USA, with my wife and our two teenage kids. Besides this website, I own and operate Easy Automated Websites where I sell custom websites that generate their own content, and natural search traffic.

I specialize in WordPress website design and development, and anything to do with WordPress, web hosting, auto-responders, etc. You can see more complete lists on my Website Services and Internet & Affiliate Marketing Services pages.

I have been working at making money online and affiliate marketing since the mid 1990’s. Back then, there was no such thing as eBay, PayPal, or anything faster than a 56k dial-up connection. The first sale that I ever had online involved a Yahoo classified ad, a P.O. Box, a money order for $5.00, and a CD with an HTML page full of links on it, sent by US Mail.

Maybe it’s a result of how much effort it took to simply make a transaction back then, but today there is no better rush for me than to put together a few web pages, send an email to my list, and watch those first payments hit my inbox minutes later. It feels like making money out of thin air!

The first product that I ever created myself was one that I sold on eBay in 2002. It was a PDF which explained how to get free shipping boxes to use for eBay merchandise. I sold it for $2.99. At that time eBay did not have a digital delivery system. I sent the PDF to the buyers by email whenever I could get to my computer. That wasn’t so good, people got very impatient. So, I created my own instant email delivery system using Outlook which replied to PayPal notifications with the PDF attached.

Later I sold Build Your Own Light-saber guides, Texas Hold’em Poker guides, Cheat Code Lists, Recipes,… all kinds of stuff, all on eBay. Eventually eBay created their own instant delivery system, making things easier.

My biggest success has been a “How to Sell on eBay” guide. I was simply reselling a digital one for awhile, and then eBay suddenly decided that they did not allow digital products delivered by email or downloaded anymore. I wound up creating a new product. An interactive CD called the Paradise Success Kit for eBay. Ebay allows digital items on CD to be mailed to buyers, which is what I did. It was the best selling item that I have ever sold, by leaps and bounds!

In all of these years of selling online, I never started my own blog! I don’t know why, I just never did – even though many say that’s the first thing you should do. So, I started this site and I am also using it to offer services to other Internet Marketers who may not want to do their own website work, etc.

I hope you find something beneficial on my website, and that I can help you out in some way!