Take The High Road, It Gets You Further & Feels Better

Take the high road while Internet Marketing

If there is one thing that has remained the same since the beginning of my Internet Marketing journey, it’s that the high road is always the best way to go. Recently I experienced this again, and I decided to post about it.

I had just sent an email to my list, promoting some WordPress training videos, when I saw a PayPal notification hit my Inbox. Ahhh yes.. that rush never gets old. Anyway, I figured that I had a sale already and quickly opened up the notification email with anticipation, like it was a gift on my birthday or something. I almost couldn’t believe what I saw.

Someone had purchased an old Adsense website package that I used to sell online, somewhere back around 2003 I would say. I guess I can’t really say that I used to sell it – because I realized that I never took down the sales page or the product, or the auto-responder. Sales had just died off and I guess I just forgot about it and I had moved on to something else already.

The websites in the package are completely out of date, with 10-year old website designs and a find-and-replace program for inserting the old style of Google Adsense code that was retired long ago. The sales page itself is so old (Microsoft Front Page), that frankly I am amazed that someone actually made a purchase! None of it would come close to meeting my standards today.

So, my dilemma was to either sit back and be happy with my $27 and hope that the poor guy who wasted his money didn’t ask for a refund, or take the high road and contact him first to give him a refund and explain what had happened.

Honestly at this point in my life it’s not even a dilemma – I emailed him, explained that I did not realize the page that he visited was still online, apologized, and refunded him in full. He was appreciative and understanding, but still not happy about the experience. If nothing else at least I earned his respect.

Above all, I felt good about my decision. In my experience, what goes around, comes around. This will come back to me in some way, and with any luck maybe he will be a customer in the future. I know he won’t spread negative feelings online about me now, or file a PayPal dispute, nobody needs that!

Take the high road – it gets you further and feels better too.

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