Is Yoast the Best WordPress SEO Plugin for Search Engine Optimization?

If you’ve been working with WordPress for awhile, you have probably heard of Yoast. Many say that it is the best WordPress SEO Plugin. The Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin is a free Search Engine Optimization Plugin, created by Joost de Valk. I use the plugin on this website, as well as the Video SEO Plugin for WordPress which makes my video posts rank high on Google, and also adds that cool thumbnail to the search results.

Best WordPress SEO Plugin Search Engine Optimization Results

I have been building automated websites for several years at my other business, Easy Automated Websites,  but I had never tried the Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin on an automated site. Recently, after seeing how well the plugin worked on this site I decided to try it on one of my clients automated websites, O’Boy Sports. I was amazed at what happened next..

The site was new, and getting close to zero search traffic when I installed Yoast, the best WordPress SEO Plugin, according to reviews I had read online. I installed the plugin on Feb 8th and spent the next few evenings configuring the plugin and optimizing the website using Joost de Valk’s Definitive Guide To Higher Rankings For WordPress Sites. The configuration and optimization takes some time, and is a bit tedious, but in the end you’ll be extremely glad that you did it.

You can see what happened in the screenshot above, which are StatCounter stats for O’Boy Sports from February 8th when I installed the plugin, through February 27th when I began writing this post, and that’s all from natural search traffic and automated content!

See LIVE Search Stats for O’Boy Sports and some other automated websites that I created for my clients here: Easy Automated Websites – Live Search Stats

In my opinion, Yoast is the best WordPress SEO Plugin for search engine optimization. I have tried another well known plugin that is usually compared to the WordPress SEO Plugin, but to me there is no comparison! Yoast is easier to use, and seems to work better too.

I offer installation and configuration of The Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin as a service if you want to skip all that work and have it done for you. Just contact me using the link on my Website Services Page for a quote.

Have you tried this plugin or any other SEO plugins for WordPress?

Leave your comments below, let’s hear some opinions and experiences on the subject.

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